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Meeting in Vilnius

After two years of organizing Chic & Craft project, it is time for it to come to the end. On the day of 21-22th February, the international Chic & Craft team met in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was the second coordination meeting and we had the opportunity to discuss about the implementation of the pilot experiences. We had the opportunity to discuss the pilot experiences that are taking place in all 5 countries, their results and to find out existing problems. Almost all of the pilot experiences are going to be done until the end of April.

During the meeting, partners from Spain, Greece, Slovenia, Germany and Lithuania shared their feedbacks of pilot experiences in their countries. Each country's representative presented the progress made on the pilot experiences activities such as what was the most successful thing and what was wrong, what problems occurred and what they have done to solve. During this visit to Lithuania, a visit to Valakupiai rehabilitation Center Kaunas Department was organized for the partners, wherein a pilot experience has been taking place since October. Partners had direct access to the results of the activities, communication with participants, a chance to ask questions directly. We are pleased that one of the project partners was fascinated by created clothes and bought one of them. Also, we had time to discuss about final reports, dissemination tasks and the final event that is going to be held in Greece in June 14-15th, 2017. We are pleased that the project enabled us to meet and discuss important issues for the implementation of the project, share our experiences and insights about how to achieve it in the most successful way.