Open-source learning platform on upcycling fashion design


There are several reasons to train yourself and/or people with our without special needs on fashion designing, here you have ten examples that will give you an idea of the benefits of this kind of activity:


  1. It does enhance the creativity and opens the possibility to transform and test creative ideas. 
  2. Reusing material which is originally considered to be waste will change the view on waste itself and will strengthen an eco-friendly view on the material itself.
  3. Reusing material for fashion designing will ease the way of understanding the material, its texture, features and characteristics.
  4. Working practically does strengthen the ability to work with the own hands, the skills, fates and dexterity.
  5. Designing fashion will strengthen the skills in working very precise e.g. through measuring, cutting and sewing as having the aim to have a good-looking product.
  6. The concentration skills will improve through the precise working style.
  7. The self-esteem will improve as able to see a final result produced on your/their own.
  8. Working on fashion designing will open the possibility to gladden other people with presents and gifts for the next birthday or Christmas.
  9. Improving the handcraft skills underlined with experience might allow opening a little business by selling the own made products.
  10. Training or to be trained in fashion design will allow a new view on fashion, trends and the life-cycle of a product.