Open-source learning platform on upcycling fashion design

What is upcycling?

If you search the word “upcycling” online, definitions as “the word upcycling is a word creation of “recycling” and “up” or “recycling in order to avoid waste” or “creative re-use” will arise. And basically saying this is what it is: The recycling of used material which deserves a second chance by using your creativity. 


Examples for this could be upcycling old linen or shirts cut and sewed into a new handbag, upcycling old coins or stamps into necklaces or up to creating your own furniture by using old wine boxes or used wood. Or do you always lose your USB-stick or keys? Why don’t you give the broken bicycle tubes a new chance and cut and sew your own little bag for it? (See photo)

So using your creativity (or typing “upcycling” into google or comparable if you need an idea how and where to start) will provide you billions of ideas and blogs where people share their creative upcycled products. You will find even photos and descriptions, or ideas of products which can be used to upcycle in order to avoid wasting material and to give old material a new chance to be used.